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Download the latest Janus Engine executables and demos.

We (Janus Project Team, represented by AGi) are not responsible
for ANY damage resulting from running the Janus Engine executables
on your computer system (even though this is rather unlikely to happen).

The Janus demo (not the engine itself!) is freeware, which means that
you can copy and spread it freely AS LONG AS THE ORIGINAL ARCHIVE REMAINS
UNCHANGED. Spreading a changed or manipulated version of the Janus demo
is illegal.

The Janus Engine is protected by international copyright laws. It is not
allowed to reverse-engineer (e.g. debug) the code or use the code or parts
of it in any production without the written permission of [Project Leader].




Almost all DX8 demos have a bug. They will run only under W98 if at all.
crystalcity.rar (206 KB)
crystalqstart.rar (505 KB)
fractal3b_blend.rar (308 KB)
je19b.rar (604 KB)


Plugins are not included as they were not saved within the particular versions.
jE19b_src.rar (145 KB)
je18_src.rar (255 KB)
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